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South West Medical Centre is a part of South West Healthcare

Acute Mental Health Inpatient Unit

The Acute Mental Health Inpatient Unit at South West Healthcare provides specialist inpatient mental health services for the South West Region of Victoria.

The inpatient unit provides acute inpatient services for people who cannot be assessed and treated safely and effectively in the community depending on the severity of the symptoms, the distress involved to the person and the risk of harm to self or others. Admission to, and treatment in, the Acute Inpatient Unit is regulated by the Mental Health Act.

The acute inpatient unit aims to provide some therapeutic interventions to patients and work closely with families/carers to explore ways to better manage the illness, improve coping strategies and move towards recovery. The aim of admission is to reduce symptoms and enhance recovery, and when people are able, to return to their communities and natural supports to continue working towards leading the life they wish to lead.

The inpatient unit admits adults (18–64), and aged persons (over 64). These services provide voluntary and compulsory short-term treatment and care during an acute phase of mental illness.

Page last updated: 18 February 2021

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