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South West Medical Centre is a part of South West Healthcare

Aged Persons Mental Health

Aged persons mental health services are primarily for people with mental illness who are over the age of 65. We provide specialist services for the treatment of depression, psychosis, dementia and other behavioural difficulties that occur later in life.

The Aged Persons Mental Health Service provides specialised treatment and care to persons  65 years of age & older, and for Aboriginal persons over the age of 50 years, residing in South Western Victoria with:

  • A long standing mental illness who have grown older
  • A mental illness developing later in life, e.g. depression, anxiety, schizophrenia
  • Dementia with associated behaviour management problems, e.g. suspiciousness, aggression

How We Work

Consumers are seen in their own homes/ environments where possible.

Recovery focussed treatment is planned by the multi-disciplinary team with input from consumers and carers.

Consumers and carers receive education about the disorder, the use of medication and other treatment strategies that are used to assist consumers to remain well in their own homes.

The Aged Persons Mental Health Service will work closely with your GP or other health care providers to ensure that all your health care needs are addressed.

Acute inpatient facilities are available at South West Healthcare’s Mental Health Inpatient Unit, when required. We also offer a prevention and recovery centre (PARC) with recovery focused health support to help people experiencing significant mental health issues to transition out of hospital or to avoid a hospital admission.


The Aged Persons Mental Health Service would prefer that GP’s are involved in all referrals to the service, but we welcome contact from consumers, families, residential care facilities, allied health professionals and carers.

A referral can be made by phoning our offices during business hours or afterhours on 1800 808 284.

Page last updated: 18 February 2021

We value feedback from patients, consumers, family members and carers.