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Breast Cancer Support

Together, the McGrath Breast Care Nurse and Certified Bra and Prosthesis Fitter provide emotional and practical support for women, men and their families directly or indirectly affected by a breast cancer diagnosis across the Warrnambool region.

How to access this service

You can self refer or have a relative/ friend call for an appointment. McGrath Breast Cancer Nurse can also be contacted by GP, surgeon, day oncology staff, nursing, medical and allied health staff, oncologist or radiation oncologist. There is no cost associated with this service.

McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurse Rebecca Hay (left) and Cancer Link Nurse Sharna Purcell (right) Picture credit: The Standard 06/07/2018



Patient information

  • What is a McGrath Breast Care Nurse?

    Registered nurse specially trained to manage the care of those experiencing a breast cancer, from time of diagnosis, throughout the treatment trajectory and into survivorship.

    Principal liaison between the patient with both primary and secondary breast cancer and their treatment specialists.

    McGrath Breast Care Nurses also act as patient advocates as well as assisting to clarify complicated information that may not be easily understood.

    Educators and Promoters of Breast Awareness for individuals and the community.

  • The McGrath Breast Care Nurse can provide

    Vital emotional, practical support for patients and/or their families experiencing early or metastatic breast cancer from time of initial diagnosis, during the course of treatment and into survivorship.

    Information, education and resources for patients and their families.

    Clinical care to patients such as wound dressing, drain tube management and seroma aspiration.

    Assistance with referring patients to members of the Allied Healthcare Team such as Physiotherapy, Dietitian, Social Work and Specialist Lymphoedema Services.

    Pre and post-operative bra fitting, including Breast Cancer Network of Australia My Care Kits.

    Fitting of external breast prosthesis and/or soft forms along with assistance with External Breast Prosthesis Reimbursement Program claim documentation.

    Promotion and education promoting the importance of breast self-awareness throughout the community

Page last updated: 18 February 2021

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