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Maternity Outpatient

The Women's Health service provides a wide range of care options for women during their pregnancy. Our experienced midwives and doctors provide support for both low and high risk pregnancies.

  • What we do

    The Maternity Outpatient Service (MOS) is a Monday to Friday service that is located on level 4, Timor street block and is open from 9:00am-5:30pm. The service specialises in pregnancy care and will advise you when it is necessary to come into the hospital to be assessed by an experienced midwife and if required an obstetric doctor.

    Outside of these hours the Maternity unit is available for any concerns on (03) 5563 1441

  • Who we care for

    The MOS manages pregnancy concerns from 20 weeks gestation that are pregnancy related. If the concern is not pregnancy related you will be redirected to your General Practitioner or if required the Emergency Department.

  • What to expect

    The midwife will triage your concern over the phone and advise you whether it is necessary to come into the hospital for review with a midwife and/or an obstetric doctor. If the decision is made for review, the midwife will book you an appointment time and ask you to come in for assessment.

  • When to come into hospital

    Please call the MOS (in hours) to speak to a midwife before coming to the hospital.

    Please contact the hospital if:

    • Your baby’s pattern of movements have changed
    • Your waters have broken
    • Your contractions are becoming painful and regular
    • You have any vaginal bleeding
    • You think you may be going into labour before 37 weeks’ gestation
    • You think you may be going into labour and you are booked for a Caesarean Section
    • You develop a severe headache, blurred vision or upper abdominal pain
    • You are worried about yourself or your baby

    If you are in active labour, you will be admitted to the Birthing Suite.  If you are in early labour, you may be able to return home for a period of time.

Page last updated: 18 February 2021

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