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South West Medical Centre is a part of South West Healthcare

Primary and Commissioned Services

The Primary Mental Health Team (PMHT) is a program of South West Healthcare Mental Health Services that is made up of a number of mental health professionals who provide support and consultation, primarily in the area of depression and anxiety, to primary health care providers, in particular general practitioners (GPs), and community health practitioners.

From time to time, a GP, or other primary health care provider, may seek a second opinion in understanding a person’s situation and in determining how to best assist that person in achieving his / her optimum mental health. The PMHT is available to assist with this need.

If you are referred to the PMHT, you will be offered an assessment, which may be conducted together with your primary health care provider, or with yourself and a carer.

The assessment will involve us talking with you to find out more about what is happening in your life and what your main mental health concerns are.

In conjunction with your primary care provider, the PMHT will develop strategies to assist you to address the circumstance you find yourself in.

PMHT clinicians have responsibility for specific regions, and are based in various medical clinics across the South West.

Your GP or other primary care provider with whom you have been working with can discuss your circumstances with a PMHT clinician and facilitate an appointment with a PMHT clinician in the event this is recommended.

Your initial assessment and any ongoing treatment sessions with the PMHT clinicians will generally be conducted at your GP’s medical clinic. This enhances the collaboration between your GP and the PMHT clinician which in turn supports optimal treatment.


A referral to the PMHT needs to be facilitated by a primary care practitioner. If a PMHT clinician is not located in your GP’s medical clinic, your GP can still make contact with the PMHT to discuss how best you might be supported with your treatment.

When not practicing in a GP’s medical clinic, PMHT clinicians are based in Mental Health Services’ offices located in Camperdown, Hamilton, Portland and Warrnambool.

PMHT services are provided to people who willingly engage in assessment and treatment and incur no cost.

Page last updated: 18 February 2021

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